Sexy Lingerie, Corsets and Brassiere Tips

Sexy Lingerie, Corsets and Brassieres

The world of women’s lingerie has changed a lot over the past few years and now includes a variety of sexy feminine accessories to enhance your wardrobe.


It used to be that brassieres (or bras) were “undergarments” and never saw the light of day.  That is not necessarily the case anymore, inasmuch as many women reveal their bras by wearing a see-through blouse or unbuttoning the blouse or simply wearing a jacket or blazer over the bra without wearing a blouse.  That being the case, manufacturers of ladies’ undergarments are now creating bras that are decoratively colored or include appealing patterns or lace, bows and other complimentary embellishments.  The same is true of ladies’ slips, some of which are so attractive, they can be worn alone or coupled with a skirt and jacket and masquerade as a “blouse.”

Believe it or not, corsets have returned to the ladies’ undergarment industry.  Gone are the days of corsets that are made of stiff, uncomfortable fabrics.  Today’s corsets are not only functional for transforming the appearance of your body’s shape, but they are now being manufactured into lovely accents to your wardrobe and are constructed of soft and flexible materials like cotton, satin and silk.

Ladies’ underpants, or panties, have likewise transformed into a variety of sexy shapes, colors and patterns and include styles that range from sexy g-strings and bikinis to more comfortable styles like briefs and boxy types that favor men’s boxer shorts.

Sexy undergarments like “teddies” have likewise become very popular with today’s savvy women and are even worn many times as “costumes” for Halloween or other gatherings and are not necessarily for the bedroom only, although I think most people would agree that you should be careful to not reveal too much if you choose to don these items for costume parties and other public situations.

In the 21st century, ladies’ undergarments are all about comfort, style and complimenting your figure, tastes and wardrobe!

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