Mystery Dinner Party Costumes

Mystery Dinner Party Costumes

If you enjoy dressing up in sexy costumes and role-playing, you will thoroughly enjoy hosting a mystery dinner party!

This type of party usually involves the host purchasing a “kit” that contains a story about a murder or other mystery that takes place before or during the dinner party.  The kit includes specific information about each of the characters, with instructions for creating the costumes for each of the individuals involved in the mystery story.  Very often the kit will also include invitations to the party and a guide for the host to follow in making the party a fun and memorable occasion for guests.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a kit because you can create your own mystery and characters involved in it!  If you do choose to purchase one, there are numerous resources on-line for doing so.


This type of party requires an R.S.V.P., since every character in the mystery story needs to be represented at the party and the absence of even one character can negatively affect playing out the mystery.  There may also be suggestions for “prizes” which could be sexy lingerie for the guest who correctly identifies the murderer or other mystery question.

At the time you send out the invitations, you will need to include a character description for each party attendee, with costume suggestions and background information on that character.  The more your guests dress up, the better the party experience!

If, for instance, you decide on a mystery that took place in Paris, France, you would want to include French cuisine, appetizers and beverages, etc. to enhance the mystery that unfolds at the party.

During the party, guests will be supplied with additional insight into their own characters, as well as the mystery murder and possible suspects.  Sometimes the host knows who the mystery subject is and sometimes nobody knows until the party and story play out to the end.

Most mystery dinner parties can be completed in a few hours, but guests may want to linger afterwards to discuss their characters and the mystery that they all solved together over cocktails, snacks, etc.

Mystery dinner parties are always fun for folks who enjoy wearing costumes and role-playing and your guests will never forget the experience that unfolds before them!

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