Lingerie, What Color are You?

What do your color choices for corsets or lingerie say about your personality?
We live in a very colorful world and that color extends right down to our undergarments and the following may help explain why you choose the colors you wear:

White – Contrary to what you may have thought, white is not the most popular color for lingerie, but is the second color chosen by most women for undergarments.  Those who prefer white are generally confident women who appreciate “natural” beauty and may be women who wear little or no make-up, are independent, self-sufficient and honest to the core!

BlackSexy lingerie, the most popular color for lingerie is black and that’s probably because of it’s sexiness the same guiding principles that apply to the LBD (little black dress), that being its practicality and its ability to make you appear slimmer.  Women who choose black undergarments are generally strong and extremely ambitious, who enjoy careers that require strength and courage and they sometimes clash with the men in their lives over control issues!
Yellow – Women who are artistic and generally happy-go-lucky might prefer yellow for their undergarments, since it reflects creativity and is a light and cheerful color.

Green – The color green probably isn’t a popular color for lingerie, but women who prefer that color are generally happy to be alone and mingle with other people only out of necessity since their happiness lies within and is not dependent on other people.

Pink – The color pink is one that women either love or hate.  It generally reflects a woman who is very feminine and likes pastel colors rather than bold ones.

Purple – Women who like the color purple are generally very self-confident and don’t feel the need to please anybody other than themselves.  They are poised and affectionate and like to wear colorful clothing, in general!

Blue – The color blue might be preferred by women who enjoy creative endeavors, as well as being ladies who are polite and loving who strive to avoid conflict with others.  They are generally very passive women who are pretty agreeable!

Red – Last, but not least, is the color choice of red, which is a vibrant color generally selected by women who are go-getters and often business owners and who love life and want to experience all the excitement it brings!

Of course, none of this is scientifically proven, but it’s fun to speculate and determine what our color choices say about our personalities!


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