Where did my search results go?

My rankings have dropped…what do I do now?

If your search engine result rankings dropped around April 24, 2012, it’s probably because Google’s “Penguin algorithm” was initiated.

What you should do depends on what you’ve done in the past that made your website lose its ranking in the first place . . and it could be a number of things.  The Penguin algorithm looked for webspam, unnatural links opposed to the previous Panda update that hit websites with “lacking, copied, spun or poor content and/or keyword stuffing,” not only in your site’s information content, but also in its tags, hidden text and links.  If your site was affected, all you can do is trial and error and ask a lot of questions so you can figure out what’s wrong with your website (according to Google’s preferences), fix the problems, then wait and watch to see if your ranking improves when Google spiders it again.  If not, “rinse and repeat.”  However, if you’re not familiar with what Google is looking for, the process could take a while and it could take your website a long, long time to rebound.  Your best advice is to hire an SEO professional to get your site back on track as soon as possible!

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