Coin Storage and Displays

 Coin Storage and Displays

One of the most important aspects of coin collecting is storing and or displaying the coins in such a way as to not damage the coins’ surface by excessive handling, cleaning or unseen environmental factors that can irreparably damage a coin’s surface.


For purposes of storing coins, there are numerous options from which to choose, including plastic sleeves, air-tight capsules and tubes, book-like albums and storage boxes, from the simplest to the most elegant, made from various types of wood and designed especially to hold certain coins, like U.S. state quarters, military coins or coins minted in certain years or by certain countries, or boxes that hold numerous coins of varying types.



If you want to display your coin collection, there are also numerous options from which to choose that will enable you to do so without damaging your collection, including small, plastic coin “easels,” air-tight clear capsules and tubes and various coin “racks” that can display a number of coins or just a few, depending on your particular needs. There are also hand-crafted wooden display boxes and “shadow boxes” that will beautifully display your coin collection, as well as a plethora of coin cases and display trays.

No matter which storage and/or display merchandise you choose for your coins, you can rest assured that you are adding to their value by prolonging the life of your coin collection for years to come!

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