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A poorly fitted bra can be very uncomfortable, not to mention unflattering and, although there are exceptions to every rule, the days of women going without a bra because of discomfort are pretty much over.  There are so many options for bras these days, from affordable basic cotton to bustier and ridiculously expensive lace-covered brassieres, that women today are much more tolerant of the prospect of wearing a bra!

No matter what your particular fashion “style’ entails, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a bra is that it is comfortable and fits correctly and will continue to do so for a reasonable amount of time after numerous launderings.

Since the backs of bras stretch over time, make sure your new bra fits comfortably on the loosest hook available.  This means that the center part of the bra between the cups should lie flat on your chest, your breasts should never bulge out of the cups, the back of the bra should not ride up and your bra should not leave lines or markings on your skin after wearing it for an extended period of time.  This will surprise a lot of women, as most of them probably experience these skin indentations and never suspected that they could wear a bra that does not result in lines and creases!

Many department stores employ “certified fit specialists” in the ladies’ lingerie department who can assist you in determining the best fitting bra for your particular shape.  Although this can be embarrassing to modest women, these store employees can provide valuable information when selecting a bra from their inventory or for a costume, even if it’s only in the form of advice and involves no touching.

When shopping for new bras, keep in mind that cotton is much cooler than nylon, lace can be scratchy and annoying, padding can provide discreet coverage without adding bulk and the way a bra fits varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, which means you should try several brands of bras to determine which fits your particular shape.

If you devote enough time to the process, you are sure to find a bra that is comfortable and fits your form perfectly to enhance your natural beauty!

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