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The world is changing so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up with and the same is true in the world of writing and literature.  Many of us now pick up an electronic “reader” instead of a book and bookstores, printed newspapers and magazines are becoming a thing of the past.  Reading, however, will never go out of style and, therefore, writing blogs and articles will always be an invaluable talent for those blessed with the ability to tell a story to the rest of us and helps tremendously with SEO.

Ernest Hemingway said that you should “write about what you know” and “From all things that you know and all those you cannot know, you make something through your invention that is not a representation but a whole new thing truer than anything true and alive.”  Keeping Hemingway’s statements in mind, today’s writers have a broad spectrum of story possibilities, with more emerging daily as they continue to live their lives and gain “knowledge” of a variety of things in the process.


The pertinence of written material has also become very important and a focus for Internet websites, which are designed to attract certain clientele based upon whatever the website is trying to sell and these websites are competing with each other to draw customers.  The more information on a website that is relevant to the site’s purpose, the more valuable that website becomes for purposes of Internet search engine results.

In the past, the way to get that pertinent information on your website was by utilizing key words and key word phrases and using them repeatedly and as much as possible to the point that some webmasters were nonsensically using and hiding key words by making them the same color as a website page’s background color.  Another way to include “relevant” information on websites has been to provide “links” to other websites or information that pertains to the subject at hand.  This custom led to the development of “link farms” and their sale of the same links to numerous websites accomplished nothing more than duplicate content for hundreds of Internet websites, which hampers search engine result rankings for those sites that purchased the links.

Key words, key word phrases and links are still very important factors to consider for your website, but you must use them in a relevant way, without redundant repetition of information.

Like Ernest Hemingway suggested, the information contained in writings on your website should create a “whole new thing” in order to produce unique, relevant content that cannot be found on another website or anywhere else. Read More

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