Bad SEO Company, Bad SEO Company

A must read if you’re paying for SEO services:

A little history about SEO: many SEO companies were able to make websites rank higher by using links. They gathered a handful of sites that were either expired or not renewed and threw up articles or blogs for different industries on the site; then they would link your site from these article/blog sites with anchor text. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the articles or blogs they created to link to your site utilized poorly written English and they would usually just randomly throw words together which made it obvious they didn’t know anything about the site or industry they were talking about. They find writers who will write 300 to 500 word articles for $2 to $3 dollars per article. Then they send links to your site from these crappy websites, but most unsuspecting people (to no fault of their own) don’t know that their doing this to manipulate their search engine results.

Then Google came along with the Panda algorithm, which targeted poor content (strike 1), but they were still able to function, although not as well. Then came Google’s Penguin algorithm (strike 2), which targeted link spam. They didn’t even get far enough to earn the third strike because they were called-out and caught in the act. Now their web spam scheme isn’t working at all, but they continue to sell this service even though they now know it doesn’t work. Most of the sites they ranked with webspam lost their rankings, so what do the website owners do then? They get a hold of these same companies again and ask for more help! So, they take these old customers on again and start doing the same thing (the only thing they know how to do) even though they know it’s not going to work, but they are not going to admit it to you…they go on as normal, creating more junky, worthless links from their spam network. However, after 4 to 6 months, the customer is getting much different results this time…no improvement…or even going further down in the search rankings. Few customers know that these scammers are sending bunches upon bunches of spammy links to their website that have no value any longer because of the Penguin algorithm. Through no fault of their own and because they don’t know about it, the customer is paying for SEO services, only to find they are being bamboozled by these incompetent SEO companies.

You should beware of SEO companies that say they will get your site links from articles and blogs to get you on page 1 of search results for your keywords. Google has now made it impossible for this method to be effective. Watch out for the 250 or 500 links per week or month for $25 to $50 dollars or a monthly consultation fee. These companies charge in different ways but all use the same spamming techniques, which don’t work. There are a few SEO experts who know how to do this and do it right, but you’re not going to see results at those ridiculous prices. It will be expensive and still risky because, if Google catches them, their link network will be devalued which means ALL the links they send out off their website holds no value and YOUR website loses its ranking because of those links. One obvious thing to look for is writing that seems to have been written by someone who doesn’t speak the English language. If you see the websites they’re linking from, the articles will look the same.

Don’t be a victim twice.


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