Amsterdam Queen’s Day Celebration 2013

2013 Queen’s Day Celebration in Amsterdam:

The Queen’s Day Celebration held annually on April 30th in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a very special day for the people who live there because it is “Konninginnedag,” or the day they pay homage to and recognize their Queen.

April 30th was the birthday of Queen Juliana and that day was designated as “Queen’s Day” by her daughter, Queen Beatrix, out of respect for her mother.  Since 1949, this date has been known as a public holiday and involves a national celebration like no other, when Dutch people fill the streets with the color orange, show their appreciation for the royal family and party the day away!

The 2013 Queen’s Day celebration in AmsterdamI-am Amsterdam is sure to be the most memorable yet because it will be the last for many years since Holland’s beloved Queen Beatrix is abdicating the throne!  Rather than viewing this as a sad event, the residents of Amsterdam are planning a wonderful celebration with lots of new activities to give Queen Beatrix a fitting send-off and the people also have the joyous occasion of the Queen’s son’s inauguration to behold.  Because of the historical significance of this occasion, there is sure to be a large number of proud Dutchmen lining the streets, as well as many international visitors and every square inch of Amsterdam will be filled with jubilant revelers! Hope you have your hotel or apartment rental reserved.

Since this year’s activities involve an unusual event, the final plans for Queen’s Day 2013 are still being perfected, but you can expect many special events over the coming months that will add to the usual celebrations and revolve around the inauguration of Queen Beatrix’s son, Willem-Alexander!

The Queen’s Day national holiday has the reputation of being one of joy and celebration, expressed by child-friendly fairs, vibrant markets, a parade by the gay community and endless parties for the city’s younger population.  Daytime events occur all across the city of Amsterdam, including a special festival with top-name DJs, and the festivities will culminate in a stunning fireworks display.

Partying is an important aspect of Queen’s Day and can be experienced all across the city from private events and parties on barges to “rave picnics” in the parks and special club nights that occur long after the children have gone to bed.  There is also “Konninginnenacht” (Queen’s night), which begins the night before.

For the 2013 celebration, Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will provide another highly anticipated concert and there will be plenty of other ways to signify the holiday, making Queen’s Day 2013 an event to remember!

Beginning in 2014, this incredible national event will be known as “King’s Day” and the bright orange decorations will fill the streets and canals to mark Willem-Alexander’s birthday on April 27th!

The year 2013 marks the start of a new chapter for the Dutch royal family and Amsterdam will be a fantastic city to be in for locals and visitors alike at the end of April each and every year as everyone in Holland celebrates their national heritage like only the Dutch can do!

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