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Salt water fly fishing ~ Fresh water

PEI Tuna Charters SALT WATER FLY FISHING VERSUS FRESH WATER If you are one of the millions of fishermen who have discovered the thrill of fly-fishing, you have probably purchased fishing gear designed for either fresh water or whether you’re about to go … Continue reading

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Coin Collecting Supplies

Themes in Coin Collecting  People collect coins for a variety of reasons and many become “accidental” collectors because they run across a coin that spurs their curiosity and results in more collecting.  Although the value of a coin and money … Continue reading

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AMSTERDAM’S CANALS The beautiful European city of Amsterdam, Netherlands is the capital of the country and has been referred to as the “Venice of the North” because of the numerous water canals, islands and bridges situated within the city. The … Continue reading

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Blog Writing for SEO

Writing Blogs for the Internet The world is changing so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up with and the same is true in the world of writing and literature.  Many of us now pick up an electronic “reader” instead … Continue reading

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