Environmental protective and aqueous PU leather

◇Use water as the solvent, instead of many toxic solvent, such as DMF and MEK, non-toxic, No environmental pollution.
◇The feature of high strength, high flexibility, cold resistance, flexing resistance, strip resistance, ultraviolet resistance, hydrolysis resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and good feeling.
◇The latest environmental protective products .
◇The high-grade environmental protective fabric of shoes, luggage and clothing.
●Coating composition: 100%PU
●Substrates composition: Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, T/C blending ( choose anyone or according to the clients requirements)
●Substrates knitting: warp or weft ( alternatively or to the clients requirements)
●Product specifications:
width:1.37m(54 inch); thickness:0.20m/m-0.70m/m