waterproof and vapor transmitting PU coated fabric

◇It not only has the waterproof function, but also has the function of breathable and vapor transmitting, which can discharge the heat and sweat produced by human body out of the body from the fabrics. But rain and snow cannot enter into the body. It will maintain the body’s dry and comfort.
◇Be applicable to the seamless combination of high-frequency processing to make sure the function of super waterproof.
◇Pass the testing of EN 343 Grade 3/3.
◇The high-grade fabric of outdoor sports protective clothes.
◇The testing standard is : ASTM E96.

●Coating composition: 100%PU
●Substrates composition: Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, T/C blending ( choose anyone or according to the clients requirements)
●Substrates knitting: warp or weft ( alternatively or to the clients requirements)
●Product specifications:
width:1.37m(54 inch); thickness:0.20m/m-0.70m/m
●Water pressure resistance: 3000 mmH2O, 5000 mmH2O, 8000 mmH2O, 10000 mmH2O, and 20000 mmH2O above.
●Vapor permeability: 2000g/m2/24h, 5000g/m2/24h, 8000g/m2/24h.