PU coated environmental protective fabric

◇ We use the textile made from the recycling resources as the products substrates, and try our best to reduce the globalenvironmental pressure.
◇Be applicable to the seamless combination of high-frequency processing to make sure the function of super waterproof.
◇Pass the certification of Oeko-Tex standard 100 Grade-Ⅰ(Baby grade), which is the highest grade. The products can be Personal weared.
◇Pass the certification of ROHS.
◇Pass the testing of RAECH.
◇Pass all kinds of European Union environmental protective requirements.
◇The high-grade fabric of the Clothes, bedding and electronics matching products.
◇A large number of the products are saled to many countries which are strict with the environmental protection, eg. European Union.

●Coating composition: 100%PU
●Substrates composition: Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, T/C blending ( choose anyone or according to the clients requirements)
●Substrates knitting: warp or weft ( alternatively or to the clients requirements)
●Product specifications:
width:1.37m(54 inch); thickness:0.20m/m-0.70m/m
●Water pressure resistance: 3000 mmH2O, 5000 mmH2O, 8000 mmH2O, 10000 mmH2O, and 20000 mmH2O above.