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Need search engine help because your website lost ranking in the search results?  
Did you purchase links from someone offering to boost your ranking, only to have your site’s ranking now disappear and slip down in the search results?
Lost my google rankings

Early in 2011, Google began using the "Panda Algorithm" when evaluating websites, penalizing sites for over-optimization, lack of or poor relevant content, too many key words, key-word-stuffed titles and other SEO techniques Google deems to be "unnatural."  Around April 24th, 2012 the "Penguin Algorithm" went into effect and targeted shady link practices, including links from link farms and bad neighborhoods, unnatural links or web spam.  Many websites lost their search result rankings and need SEO help because of these two Google algorithms.  Read More.  
For a free quote and evaluation of your website, send an email to

Many websites are losing their ranking because of these new Google Algorithms and, if you hire an out-of-touch SEO service, your website's ranking could suffer, if it hasn't already.  Don't let poor SEO services keep you out of the game.  The U. S. economy is improving faster than economists expected and experts now predict slightly stronger growth and hiring than they foresaw two months ago.  Be ready and stay out in front of your competition! 

Our Search Engine Help is designed to help companies who already have a website or need one created  and needs to be found when someone searches the internet for their specific key words or key word phrases. You can also use our site for your Search Engine Guide.  We are not web designers . . so pardon the simplicity of this site, but I can help your website so it will "be found" through search results on the major search engines . . and can sometimes happen in a very short time!  

Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies will assist you, but internet SEO and marketing concepts are learned by trial and error and we have 15 years' experience in the industry, so we know the ins and outs!  Don't just hire any "wanna be" SEO company for any price, unless they can give you examples of their work and show you what they've done for other websites . . or you may as well just burn your money and that will not help you in your quest for SEO help.  

You can check their work by doing searches in Google for the key words or key word phrases and see where the website comes up for companies that they've worked on . . . it's really that easy to see if they know what they're doing. There are many rip-offs out there -- Check them out!  You can check us out on our About Us-SEO Help page and also on the Search Engine Success Stories page.

We are 15-year veterans of the search engine optimization industry and search engine marketing for business websites.  We will create a custom program for your company (involving, depending on your needs, analyzing your site, link building, pay-per-click, email marketing, SEO optimization) for a reasonable monthly fee or we can offer limited services for a one-time fee if you only need site-optimization.  We'll also show you how to accomplish all the extras at no extra charge, including assisting you with determining which key words or phrases to use for your industry.  We will make your website show up (or "rank") high in the search engine results for your particular key words or key word phrases (usually on page 1 of the results)!  If you don't need all the extras or are just confused about the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization and the resulting "placement," we're here to help with a custom package for your SEO  needs.   Getting your website to "show up" when someone searches for your services or products on a search engine is exactly what we are here to do for you . . .search engine help!  Read More!  



Some of my personal SEO preferences:

1. When building or redesigning your website, use a white or light gray background, as it looks so much cleaner and is easier to read.
2. Don't place links too deep within your site structure; keep them as high as you can.  If you can get to every page from 
    the links on your home page as well as your sub-pages, you'll get better results in the search queries. 
3. Check and re-check all punctuation and spelling on your site.
4. Get a good, clean logo.  That's your brand in your industry's market and you'll be remembered if you're using a nice-looking logo.
5. Get and use a "stats program," because you need to know where customers are coming in from, along with all the other information
    statistics programs will give you about how your website is performing.
6. If you're a local company looking for local business, make sure you get listed with Google Local, You'll need to log in to your Google 
    account or create one to get a listing in Google Places/Local. If you don't have a Google Account, you can create one at Google Accounts  
then go to Business sign upRead More.

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